Top 5 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

After reaching more than 100 countries and amassing thousands of unique visitors, I feel somewhat qualified to offer these tips because they are tried and tested.

1) Don’t worry about the numbers!! First of all, your initial posts are not going to be as great as the ones you post 6 months down the line and you might even be a little happy that only a few people read those first few! Focus more on doing what you love and forming connections.

2) Make “internet friends”– in a safe way of course. Get to know your top interactors, those companies you collaborate with, etc. Genuinely get to know the people behind the usernames and passwords. There is much to be learnt from them and it opens up entire new horizons.

3) Don’t overwhelm yourself!- The best part about this journey/hobby/career is that you make the rules. Don’t feel obligated to blogging everyday. Find a schedule that works for you and if that’s once a week, then stick to that.

4) Never stop reading/learning- There’s a plethora of material available, free e-courses, free e-books, newsletters, etc. Read them, seek knowledge, find tips, etc. You will thank yourself later! Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little- if it’s worth it in some way to you then you have to be willing to spend a little when necessary.

5) Have fun! This is imperative towards success. A successful blog is made through consistency and patience. You will easily burn yourself out if you start taking it too seriously too early.

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  1. I loved your article. I am just starting to blog beyond making long F.B post! I am trying to do it via a schedule as well since l am balancing a combination of of a few other projects that go along with the blog. I like putting my thoughts together via blog for expression.

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    1. Scheduling is SO necessary when you are trying to juggle many things at once. You are expressing it all beautifully my friend!

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  2. Momma To Go says:

    These are great tips, especially since I am only in month 5 of blogging and Im starting to see some pick up…

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    1. Be authentic and be consistent! Those are what pay off. Goodluck. Will be sure to check you out!!


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