Fisher-price Rainforest Baby Swing

Fisher-price Rainforest Baby Swing

This swing was a life saver with not just 1 but all 4 of my babies. And they are definitely built to last because I have used the same one with all 4 and it is still working the way it did when we first used it.
The reasons I LOVE this swing and highly recommend it is:

  • It folds up easily when not in use and it also has the battery operated option as well as the electrical plug in option. YES to saving money on batteries!!
  • It has 2 different swing positions so your baby can either swing up and down or side to side. This is awesome for changing up their view a little or to help them if they have a preference.
  • It has different positions so when baby is very little, they can recline all the way in the cradle seat and when they are a little older they can sit up.
  • When they start sitting up, the lap bar which goes over the swing has a little indent which can be used as a snack pod. My kids love this feature because it is perhaps where they receive one of their first introductions to baby snack puffs.
  • There are different music selections
  • There are different volume settings
  • The mobile above can be turned on and provides some additional entertainment with its spinning motion while the leaves open and close and the animals dangle. This is also a great benefit to help enhance their visual development skills in the area of tracking.
  • The legs lock firmly in place once open
  • The bright bold colors are attractive to babies once they begin to see.

    And as far as cons go, I don’t have any. This item has definitely found a spot in my “top baby items” list!

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