10 Reasons We Like Homeschool Better

  1. I actually know my children and vice-versa…Instead of spending the morning saying “hurry up”, we spend the first hour of our day chatting, playing games, doing religious studies, etc TOGETHER.
  2. They get to learn and practice life skills all day long. The microwave, toaster oven, tea-maker and other small appliances are not off limits in our house. They also are practicing vacuuming, making their own beds and keeping their own bathroom sinks clean to name a few.
  3. My kids actually REALLY enjoy being around each other.
  4. Recess can be as long as we want it to be. If we are enjoying a volleyball game outside, then so be it…there is no whistle blown.
  5. My kids get to stay kids longer…let’s be real, the uncharacteristic girls fashion, introduction to makeup and all the street slang is kept out of our house and i love it!
  6. No need to worry about bullying, random acts of violence or bomb threats.
  7. There are less illnesses. Thank you God!
  8. We get to learn in different ways, one of my children has a photographic memory and another needs to hear everything.
  9. No school traffic. I actually plan our days around this nuisance especially because our house is surrounded by an elementary, middle and high school.
  10. Individuality is embraced. We celebrate our similarities and our differences.

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