Say Cheese | Multiplication Game Review

Adding games into learning help to foster a sense of enjoyment and takes the pressure off of the child. I find this to be especially true for math games especially when its a concept that’s difficult. A topic that we encountered a few hiccups with along the way was multiplication and quickly recognizing multiples and factors. Thankfully Logic Roots creates an amazing, family favorite set of math games that makes learning so much more fun!

“Say Cheese” forces recall of the multiplication tables which helps to commit multiplication tables and rules of divisibility to memory.

What’s included:
– A basket for cheese
– 1 Game themed wall poster
– 4 write and wipe slates (and markers)
– Rule book
– A spinner
– 4 pouches (play bags)
– 130 coins– the coins are numbered from 2 to 100, and include some special coins that make the game fun and interesting.

How to Play:

First you decide which table you are using to play For example, lets choose table 5.
The kids then throw the coins in the arena after saying out the number. If this number comes in the table then they have to say CHEESE and the correct table. For example if it was 20, then the kid says 5×4=20 and then collect all the coins from the well. If you are incorrect and say the wrong number comes in the table- you lose your cheese.

Although its not stated in the rules, its a good idea to have the kids write down the table that you are playing, for extra practice.

Hopefully this game is useful in helping your child review Math Facts this summer.  Be sure to check out the other games from this company based on your child’s grade level and math skill. Enjoy!

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.**

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  1. Abi E says:

    I wonder where I can buy this locally

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    1. I’m not sure where it can be purchased locally but you can def get it thru amazon!

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