Hijab | Life Lessons From my Daughter

So many times as parents, we get caught up with the things we want to teach our children that they overshadow the things our children are teaching us.

Be Still My Heart | Less Haste

The baby is finally asleep in her swing and as usual, I am fitting in alone time with my other kids… my 3 year old runs away  and races up the stairs, telling me “I be right back”… in about 10 seconds I hear running coming from my room, where the baby is sleeping. I…

Top 10 Kindergarten Books

This academic year my kindergartner read 100 books! My goal was 75, then we added in some cool reading programs like “Six Flags Read to Succeed” that required you to log specific hours of reading in exchange for free tickets and we made our way to 94 before casually adding another 6 to round it…

Birth Story | 05/18/2008

The story of the birth of my first child, the one who made me “mama”.This was originally written on May 17th, 2009. I am only now choosing to share it.

5 Things I would tell my “Pre-Mom Self”

This day, eight years ago was the last time I was ever child free, All Praise and thanks are due to God. I was taking a long shower this evening and thinking about it, pondering about the things I know now and the things I would have told myself in that stage.

Getting children excited for Ramadan.

This is an exciting time for all Muslims, but especially for children for it is that time when families gather more than normal and the masjids stay alit beckoning worshippers to renew their Iman. It is a time when, in our community, there are gatherings every day for Iftar but on the weekends, the crowd…

Referee No More

“Mommy, she did this.” “no I didn’t she did this first”. “well, you snatched it” “but you wouldn’t give it and it was my turn” I couldn’t decide which was worse, the constant complaining or the whiny irritating tone of voice that accompanied it. This was the case when visiting someone whose kids are similar…

Lessons From The Elderly — Discover

“I looked down at my now sleeping Mom. She was laying there naked faced, no lipstick, her thinning hair completely flattened and messy, and wrapped in a flimsy, faded hospital gown. And, I thought she had never looked more beautiful in her entire life.” via Lessons From The Elderly — Discover

DIY door hanger| Paper flowers

I saw this on a fellow mommy blogger’s page and had to absolutely try it with my daughter. We didn’t make the wreath but instead, made a door hanger for her bedroom door.This was really simple (a glue gun is key) and it was fun. As you can see, it turned out pretty cute. Please…


This Japanese art has become the new favorite activity in our home. It was born out of our love of Japanese food. One of the restaurants we like has little origami stars decorating the bottom of vases. One night while we waited for our dinner to arrive, we chatted about what origami was and then pulled…

How I Learned to Like Myself

If I were given even a small amount of money each time someone I know told me something that they hated about themselves, I would be a very rich woman. With the apparent pressure on each individual… Source: How I Learned to Like Myself