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Hey! I’m Naimah, author/owner/content creator of This Beautiful Life.  and I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope you will enjoy my heart to heart conversations with you about our family life, share in the open-mindedness of religion,  traverse the web we travel pursuing different interests for different ages, enjoy our tasty treats and learn with us as we home-school our family in the beautiful sunny state of Georgia!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Guyana, South America but my ancestry dates back to India and Afghanistan.

What language do you speak?
Only English. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and hence, it was my first and only language.

Do you work?
I have a Masters in Information Technology and after teaching for a few years and contemplating a career, I decided to stay at home to raise and abundantly enjoy my children.
Somewhere in the midst of that my passion for writing and inspiring other women like myself flared and propelled me to places I never imagined! Click to view a  list of services I offer.

How old are your kids?
They are 8, 6,3 and 9 months

Why do you homeschool?
Please read the following link for more insight, The Blessing of Homeschooling

What do you do ALL day?
I often laugh when I get this question because surely i’m bored, right?
I currently home-school 2 of my 4 children: grades 1 and 3, I write passionately about the beautiful journey of life on my blog, freelance write and I am also a contributor to a number of networks which can be found below. (I highly encourage you to check them out) In addition to that I dabble in crafts with my daughter, build forts with my sons and race more cars on the kitchen floor than you would imagine.

What do I hope to achieve?
My goal is to raise children who understand the foundations and principles of our religion through example and knowledge.
I also hope to instill in my children the utmost belief in themselves and to encourage them to pursue every dream they have!