Dinosaur Excavation Bin

This Dinosaur Excavation Bin is an activity that my 4 year old loves and it keeps him occupied and busy for quite a while. How To: 1) Start off by getting a large plastic tub 2) Add kinetic sand to it- we use this because of the texture and ease of cleaning but you can…

When Kids No Longer Nap

This is a question I get asked a lot and over the spring break, I got a few messages from people specifically asking…“DO YOUR KIDS NAP AND IF THEY DON’T WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM?” Yes, all caps because these messages were coming from exasperated parents. I’m lucky  because yes, if time permits my…

Top 10 Pre-School Games

Pengoloo Chicky Boom Honey Bee Tree Hungry Hungry Hippo Zingo Whac-a-mole Spot It Go Fishing Super Why ABC Letter Game Brown bear Panda Bear


This is a game which is well liked by my 3 year old. Perhaps its the spiffy little zinger, the bingo like cards, the feeling of playing a big kid board game or perhaps its a combination of all those plus the added confidence of actually learning. The version that we have is the “sight words” Zingo and…

Week in Review| Arts and Crafts

I thought it would be fun to share what a week’s worth of art and crafts look like in our house. There were definitely some that I missed capturing but for the most part, here were the most indulged activities this past week.

Pop Phonics

Fun, interactive, engaging way to teach phonics. 

Perler Beads

Whenever these come out, its guaranteed that we will spend a couple hours making different designs. Fun for the entire family! The kids turned their designs into key chains, necklaces and bracelets.    

Morning in the Life of a 3 year old.

When I started to document this, it was mostly for myself but I have noticed a popular question I receive is “what do you with him?” “what kinds of activities do you do?” As a result, I have decided to share it. My 3 year old begins his day by playing with his cars, even…

Creative Flow

Magna Tiles is a sure way to unleash your child’s creativity.

Encouraging Free Play and Cultivating Creativity in Children.

  One of my fears of raising children in the society we live in is raising individuals who are constantly waiting to be entertained and waiting for something to do rather than creating it themselves. It is said that you shouldn’t complain about a problem unless you are willing to be a part of the…