Favorite Baby Products!

As a mom of 4, I’m well aware of the bazillion products available but while I like to peruse baby stores, the items I actually deem necessary and ultimately purchase are few.

1) Fisher price Rainforest baby swing is my absolute favorite. This was gifted to us almost 8years ago and I have used it with all 4 of my babies. It still works great and they have all loved it. It has different volume settings as well as speed settings. The swing can rotate in 2 different positions and it has  3 different selections of sounds for baby to listen to. Above the swing also has a mobile, that you can turn on or leave off. It can be either battery operated or plugged into a wall outlet.

2)Aveeno Baby Wash and Baby lotion- they both smell great and while I have previously used Johnsons Baby, i chose Aveeno this time which markets itself as natural and unlike Johnsons, doesn’t have cancer causing ingredient affiliated with it…yet. These products are however manufactured by the same company.

3) Nail Frida– cutting nails on a tiny baby is a daunting task. This nail clipper provides stability and i have found the curved tip to align much better with a baby’s nails than the other clippers we have tried.

4) ‘Just Born’ Hooded Towels and Wash Cloths– These are extremely soft, no matter how many times they are used and washed, they maintain their quality and texture.

5) Gund Baby Lamb with Rattle– This was a gift and my little one loves it. One of the things I like best is how soft it is. Babies initially do not have proper coordination so when grabbing things they bop themselves. Many rattles are made with a hard plastic and are heavy which can be harmful to them when playing as babies. This is a great first toy/rattle!

6) Pottery Barn Sherpa Wool Stroller Blanket- This blanket is chic and comfortable and was also a gift. Like all PBK products, the quality is great. Its large and goes well over a stroller or carseat, providing tons of comfort and warmth. Being able to personalize items from their website also adds a touch of sophistication and makes it a keepsake 😉

7) Nose Frida Suction– Apparently this item has been around for a long time but i only discovered it last year. At first the idea of putting something in your babys nose and sucking out boogers sounds absolutely gross…not to worry though, there is a filter inside that prevents anything from getting into your mouth and keeps the process sterile. Just after my last child was born everyone in the house had a cold, unfortunately she wasn’t exempted and this was an absolute lifesaver to keeping her less congested.

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  1. mamawoot says:

    We love the Nose Frida…it is my new favorite baby shower gift!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so much better than the suction we used with the other kids.


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