To Aleppo, with love.

I was up early this morning, and read the news. The thoughts below seemed to flow and I quickly jotted this down :


Aleppo is burning
While we turn in our beds
Our hearts filled with heaviness, it feels like lead
Our eyes are red
From the tears we have shed
While the knots in our throat prevents any words to be said

We are filled with despair
Unsure of how to show we care
Perhaps we need an imaginary lions mare
To give us the insurmountable strength which is otherwise rare

Seek help through patience and prayer
Dear world, be aware
The injustices you watch prevail
Will be the very thing that makes you derail
From the path you seek
For that road is not for the weak

Aleppo, I wish I can help you prepare
Give some insight, help you beware
Alleviate your fear
Hold your hand so tired and frail
Help you nourish your bodies which are filled with burden and wear

But alas, do not despair
Your blood shed will not be in vain
Neither will your suffering and pain
God’s promise will hold you in gardens of light
In the depths of the night
You will long forget the times you fought with all your might
It is us, the ones who remain whose lives are filed with fright.

-Naimah R


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