2nd Grade School Day!

This is something a lot of people are curious about, whether its those wanting to try it out, or those who doubt a child can be educated in a home environment and still excel.

The night before I go over the things I want each child to accomplish the next day and then I plan our schedule. Most days we follow it in precise fashion but we do have days when we ignore the fact that we even have a schedule.

The day I’m documenting below is a day that we followed it pretty closely!

Below is the schedule we were following:


Language Arts this morning comprised of pronouns review and prefix/suffix work. The Grammar book we are using is by Scott Foresman and we really like it!




Qu’ran review: Surah 2 Ayah 1-40

Qu’ran memorization: Surah 2 Ayah 228-230



Some times we have assigned chapter books but this time is generally free reading. Today he chose to read the following:


This is also the time that they play outside. Today when we stepped outside and to our surprise there was a turtle on the driveway.

IMG_7184[1] IMG_7182[1]

After some bike riding, popsicle eating, tire swinging and turtle observation, we returned inside for math. I LOVE the singapore math texts and highly recommend them. The other multiplication workbook is actually from the target dollar section.


After Math, Lunch and a Shower…it was time for some structured read aloud time
Today’s book was a read aloud biography of Helen Keller with oral comprehension and retelling.  This was purchased from Barnes and Nobles and these biographies are geared for children.


After this, they have about 20 minutes and together they built Lincoln Logs.


They go to class at our local mosque from 2:30 to 4 everyday. When they return home, they take a break and can do whatever they like. Usually they play tag and create unreasonable amounts of noise but its all happy noise so i don’t bother too much 🙂

After that we regroup a little for some Science. Today’s lesson was about magnets. We use the book ‘Science: A Closer Look’ which is a McGraw Hill text and workbook.


We reinforced what the lesson was about by using the following Magnet Kit which was purchased from Toys R Us but our local school supply store also has it.


The magnet set contains activity cards. We only had time to do a couple of them today:

Capture Capture

After Dinner, we play games:
Tonight’s games of their choice were battleship,Tapple and checkers.

bat tap ch

After game time, we read an Islamic Story that teaches a moral. The book we are currently reading from is:


The the kiddos all have a snack, brush their teeth, pray and go to bed.




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  1. You are brilliant and your blog is awesome! 🙂

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  2. Wow this is so impressive, my son is in year 2 as well. I remember reading the story of Helen Keller when I was a child.

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂


    2. Thanks for reading. We really enjoyed Helen Keller!


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