Homeschooling Mistakes

Often times people say homeschooling requires a leap of faith, taking the plunge and diving in and just like those dives that end in belly flops, there are homeschooling mistakes that I made when i began this journey in 2015!


1) I set the standard WAY too high! I had this vision of what the perfect homeschool room was, what the perfect time to start the day was, what the perfect homeschool mom looked like and in so doing, I was keeping up with everyone else’s ideal but I was essentially failing myself and my children because I was always overwhelmed!

To do instead:
Focus on the children you have, the current circumstances present in your life at the moment AND most importantly, focus on the strengths that your children possess instead of focusing on “fixing” what you perceive their weaknesses to be. DO NOT compare your child, your room, your choices, etc to anyone else’s; instead focus on tailoring what you have to best suit the needs of you and your children.

2) Checking off lessons do NOT define what you accomplished.  I initially thought that if we weren’t completing every single subject area to perfection everyday, then we were failing. Now I know that merely checking things off do not define the success of our day. Some days we spend all day reading, writing and honing spelling and grammar skills in the process, meanwhile some days we do math, play math games, do flashcards and do scores of problems until we truly understand the topic.

To do instead:
Focus on the learning and enjoyment thereof that was present and focus less on checking things off. Ensure that the foundations are built strongly and that an environment conducive to learning is fostered.

3) I focused TOO much on curriculum.  I stuck to the curriculum like it was the only possible way to work/teach. Instead this year, I focused more on encouraging interest-led learning and notebooking through the process. The kids have selected different topics they enjoy and made their own scrap/notebooks to represent the things they have learnt as a result.

To do instead:
Center learning around the things they enjoy. Grant them the time to do research, read books, go to the library, ask questions, etc to learn about things they are interested in, even if its not explicitly listed in the curriculum you are using.

To wrap this up, be kind to yourself, teach respect by showing respect and enjoy this season of your life! Homeschooling is a huge undertaking that requires your time, patience and energy but beyond that- it takes a lot of heart and intuition.

If you are a homeschool parent and reading this, I would love to know what some of your homeschool mistakes were when you first started.

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