Top 5 One Player Games for Kids

One player games? What?? You’re supposed to play with your kids all the time? Right? Wrong! Whoever invented these is a …GENIUS!

Board games are something we thoroughly enjoy playing together as a family; however, there are also moments everyday when I NEED quiet time, when i DON’T want to be playing a game or speaking to anyone and dare I say, want to waste  spend a few moments online or just sitting, alone. The truth is, the kids look forward to this quiet time just as much as I do and that’s where these one player games come in handy! They are educational, fun, challenging and something they enjoy!

Top 5 One Player Games for Kids:

1) Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an intense but fun logic game for ages 8 and up. I love that this game comes with a travel pouch, so you can travel with it and even play it in the car. This game has taken many road trips with us and is  very much enjoyed. Rush hour has four different levels of challenge from Beginner to Expert. The goal is to move the various cars caught in gridlock so that the red car can be freed. Patience is the number one thing required.


2) Simon

Another great game that travels with us is Simon. The goal of this game is to memorize and follow the increasingly difficult light and sound sequences. This game also travels well and once you get used to the beeping, you just don’t want to stop playing! simon

3) Snap Circuits

Directions are clear and concise and allow children learn the basics of electricity. It’s very engaging as they learn to make circuits that are activated in water, activated with sound, etc and then in the later projects, they get to combine one or more of the earlier ones to make, for example, a noise activated sound and light siren.

4) Q-BA-Maze 

This requires sequential planning and logic. The goal is to create a marble run with cubes that interlock. “You can create marble maze sculptures in any form such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes. The configurations are unlimited, allowing for unpredictable action when the steel marbles travel different routes.” You can create the paths outlined in the guide or you can be creative and make your own! This is part 3D art and science combined.


5) Maze Balls

These offer a ‘fun-frustrating-iwontgiveup-ican’tstopplaying’ kind of experience. These challenge balls are amazing; the goal is to keep the metal ball inside on the tracks, bounding down loops and jumping obstacles to navigate the pathway. Each path is numbered which challenges children to get further each time than the last.


As a homeschooling mom, these games are a must have in our home. They serve as great transitions between subjects, down time/quiet time for me and the kids, a calm down activity or just for an educational fun kinda morning.

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