My Shining Light

It is around noon and the sun is shining brightly in the room, reminiscent of her name which means “Shining Light”. She is sitting in her swing, paying keen attention to the haphazard shadows dancing on the curtain and the wall in front of her, ignoring the mobile of brightly colored rainforest animals above her. I am in the room and as long as she senses me she is happy. I walk away, not thinking about anyone keeping tabs on me and almost immediately her soft cries begin. She sounds like a kitten. I quickly move back inside the room and she is happy again. Standing in front of her, she now has a wide open mouthed toothless grin, the kind that makes her look edible, at least to my visual perception. Like a doll, so perfect; my heart melts. I unbuckle her, hug her tightly and she instinctively cuddles deeper and buries her face into my chest. I want to forever remember this delicate, timeless moment; just me and my girl. All else stands still. The day is young and there’s SO much to be done, so much to be checked off that “to-do”list, but for now, in this moment, I will embrace her and her tender touch. I will memorize and marvel at her features, her big light brown eyes, her rose bud lips, her shoulders with some remains of baby hair, the same ones she had in utero and hasn’t yet shed, her hair which has now grown and covers her ears, her scent, her feet which are now bigger than my thumb, her soft velvety skin, her firm grasp and her ability to calm and nurture my soul, in a much different way than I nurture and calm hers.

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