Favorite Baby Products!

As a mom of 4, I’m well aware of the bazillion products available but while I like to peruse baby stores, the items I actually deem necessary and ultimately purchase are few. 1) Fisher price Rainforest baby swing is my absolute favorite. This was gifted to us almost 8years ago and I have used it…

These Little Feet

I often wonder about the places these little feet will go, But my darling girl if there’s one thing I hope you’ll always know Is the way in which we love you so!

Tiny Hands

2 things you should know about this picture: – my 5 year old daughter did my manicure and it’s amazing how beautiful things look in black and white and shades of gray but I wore it proudly. – I may only hold the tiny hands of my now 2 month old for a short while,…

My Shining Light

It is around noon and the sun is shining brightly in the room, reminiscent of her name which means “Shining Light”. She is sitting in her swing, paying keen attention to the haphazard shadows dancing on the curtain and the wall in front of her, ignoring the mobile of brightly colored rainforest animals above her….