Mommy needs quiet time.

The day to day chaos, the trying to stay on schedule, the uproar, the laughter, the whining, the umpteenth time I get asked to explain the meaning of a word, the incessant chattering, the constant stream of laundry and too fast accumulation of dirty dishes….becomes the norm. Several people have asked me if I don’t become overwhelmed and honestly, not very often do I ever. The primary reason is that I find quiet moments of peace or “zen” during the day.
I’ll share a few of those below:
I’m always awake before the kids and find quiet time before all pandemonium breaks loose. I enjoy coffee and can actually hear myself think. I cannot wake up to 4 people needing something from me before I have had time to be with myself. If and when this occurs, I’m not ashamed to say I sneak out to the home office and hang out there with my coffee/tea for a few minutes. 🙂
there is at least 45 minutes of quiet/nap time in our home everyday. If the kids aren’t tired, that’s ok- but they have to stay in their rooms and read or do something quietly.
I workout in the mornings
And most importantly for me: every child goes to bed at night at the same time after which I eat as many Cheetos as I want( defeating the purpose of my morning workout… Just kidding, moderation is key) 

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  1. Nicole says:

    Essential for all us mums to get some ‘me’ time or ‘quiet’ time… happy mums make for happy kids:)

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