Washington, D.C. ..love trumps hate

Today was a bittersweet day, where every impressionable moment of President Obama and his first family filled our news feeds, news channels and magazine covers… if you type their names in Google, among the top 3 searches are “what are the Obama’s doing today?” I suppose as a nation we are intrigued by their transition from…

Hijab | Life Lessons From my Daughter

So many times as parents, we get caught up with the things we want to teach our children that they overshadow the things our children are teaching us.

Getting children excited for Ramadan.

This is an exciting time for all Muslims, but especially for children for it is that time when families gather more than normal and the masjids stay alit beckoning worshippers to renew their Iman. It is a time when, in our community, there are gatherings every day for Iftar but on the weekends, the crowd…

The beautiful habit of Prayer.

It is 5:40am and I hear a beeping, down the hallway ……My 7 year old son has set an alarm. Thinking it was a mistake; I get out of bed and open the door to turn it off when he catches me, like a red handed burglar. He sat up, wide eyed and bushy tailed…

Your Muslim Neighbour

It is my hope that blogs like mine, can help to dispel questions about Muslim Americans and breed tolerance and respect as we raise our children and live our lives in very similar ways, albeit in a society that questions our basic beliefs. Click to read the inspirational and influential story of a blogger!

Perspective is Everything!

Sometimes, they say, “the happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they make the most of everything that comes their way.”