Compassion through a 7 year old lens…

Each of my children have brought with them something unique and each of them give me something to be thankful for each and every day. If there ever was an award for most compassionate, it would go to the 7 year old, who makes me lucky enough to have him call me mom. It was…

Be spontaneous

Today, instead of thinking about all the what if’s surrounding you really want to do: just do it! Be present in the moment, in the sentiment expressed, in the people you encounter and enjoy a random , unplanned, completely spontaneous activity! xo

I didn’t marry my best friend.

What kind of blog post is this?? breaking the norm? shifting from the ideology that our marital success lies in marrying our best friends? deviating from the cliche? eekk…well here goes.

My Father | Their Grandfather

When my father visits, I love watching the relationships he forms with each of my children flourish in their own ways. Each of them have helped to bring out more emotion from this man who was always caring underneath a very tough exterior. He texts me to ask how they are doing, sends his love…

The Wedding| Spread love, not hate.

This weekend we had the distinct honor of attending the wedding of one of my husband’s colleague and former student; he attests to his exemplary character and we watched him, in youthful grandeur make promises to his stunning bride under the covenant of God.

Birth Story | 05/18/2008

The story of the birth of my first child, the one who made me “mama”.This was originally written on May 17th, 2009. I am only now choosing to share it.

5 Things I would tell my “Pre-Mom Self”

This day, eight years ago was the last time I was ever child free, All Praise and thanks are due to God. I was taking a long shower this evening and thinking about it, pondering about the things I know now and the things I would have told myself in that stage.

And though she be but little she is fierce….

  William Shakespeare says it quite eloquently in a quote that fits the 5 pound 6 ounce baby girl I gave birth to back in 2010. In utero, she defied the odds and proved doctors and modern medicine wrong. Initially diagnosed as having intra uterine growth restriction when pregnant with her, doctors told me they…


“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” Marc Brown