Be spontaneous

Today, instead of thinking about all the what if’s surrounding you really want to do: just do it! Be present in the moment, in the sentiment expressed, in the people you encounter and enjoy a random , unplanned, completely spontaneous activity! xo

Arts and Crafts| Weeks in Review

Mermaid Doll Making Kit This was one of our more special art projects this past week. I purchased this Mermaid  kit from Joann’s and it included everything needed to make the mermaid. Instructions were simple and easy to understand and we had fun making it. Transforming Ninja Star with post-it notes One of my sons…

4 wheeler

When my daughter turned 5, she insisted on getting a motorcycle for her birthday and we did indeed, search all of our small town for one for her. Who knew you could find them at pep boys? ha, well, lo and behold we brought it home and it would turn on alright but wouldn’t ever…

Week in Review| Arts and Crafts

I thought it would be fun to share what a week’s worth of art and crafts look like in our house. There were definitely some that I missed capturing but for the most part, here were the most indulged activities this past week.

Top Picks | 8 Year Old activities

Now that summer is here, the question persists…what do we do with our children?? Below are a few activities my 8 year old enjoys!

Ramadan Decor

As my children have gotten older, so too has their understanding and abilities. They now understand the meaning behind religious holidays and auspicious months such as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It was an absolute joy to decorate our home with their handmade decor this year. I hope you enjoy the pictures.   It…

Real Life Chaos

The afternoons of train tracks, legos, baby on a bean bag, play doh food in the pretend kitchen…they are chaotic but fun all at the same time. So often we try to document the perfect moments for social media…and these pictures depicting real life get omitted and forgotten. Rest assured, on my blog…you will always…

Dollar Tree Haul!

Finding activities can be both time consuming and expensive. I stopped by our local dollar store and was surprised and pleased with the selection of activities they offered. Everything was $1 a piece