10 Reasons We Like Homeschool Better

I actually know my children and vice-versa…Instead of spending the morning saying “hurry up”, we spend the first hour of our day chatting, playing games, doing religious studies, etc TOGETHER. They get to learn and practice life skills all day long. The microwave, toaster oven, tea-maker and other small appliances are not off limits in…

What are you thankful for?

In light of everything that is transpiring around the world and even locally, with Hurricane Matthew..I think we ought to realize how very lucky we are! 5 things in no particular order: – my family; immediate and extended. – clean drinking water – adequate food – good health – my faith and belief in God….

Whatever you do, find passion and whatever dreams you envision, believe in them.

I didn’t marry my best friend.

What kind of blog post is this?? breaking the norm? shifting from the ideology that our marital success lies in marrying our best friends? deviating from the cliche? eekk…well here goes.