Pop Phonics

Fun, interactive, engaging way to teach phonics. 

Honey Bee Tree

This is a game that not many people know about but one that my kids and I enjoy playing. Putting the stems in can be quite a task for younger kids but once they understand the concept it’s fun. Then you carefully remove the stems so as not to make the bees fall. Whoever has…


As a child I loved hangman and it’s still so much fun to play with my own kids! This board adds a little extra fun and gives them a good visual of the letters used and the ones remaining.

Chicky Boom

Another toddler approved game! Chicky boom teaches the concept of balance and also simple addition as each game piece has a number on it and when both sides are equal, the chicks balance, otherwise they fall! #BlueOrangegames


This is a fun, fast paced word game! Everyone has fun as we try to beat the built in timer and find something in the category chosen. #tapple