Arts and Crafts| Weeks in Review

Mermaid Doll Making Kit This was one of our more special art projects this past week. I purchased this Mermaid  kit from Joann’s and it included everything needed to make the mermaid. Instructions were simple and easy to understand and we had fun making it. Transforming Ninja Star with post-it notes One of my sons…

Arts and Crafts | Week in Review

One of the reasons I love sharing arts and crafts is because when I started homeschooling, one of the things my child who had gone to public school missed was the crafts they did. Needless to say, i make an ardent effort to ensure that they get their share of these activities.

Week in Review| Arts and Crafts

I thought it would be fun to share what a week’s worth of art and crafts look like in our house. There were definitely some that I missed capturing but for the most part, here were the most indulged activities this past week.


This Japanese art has become the new favorite activity in our home. It was born out of our love of Japanese food. One of the restaurants we like has little origami stars decorating the bottom of vases. One night while we waited for our dinner to arrive, we chatted about what origami was and then pulled…

3D Hand!

This was a relatively simple yet fun 3D art drawing. You start off by lightly tracing your hand (and a bit of your wrist) using a pencil. Then you take a marker and draw straight lines across the paper to an outline of your hand. After that point, draw a curved line(inside the hand) to…

Pottery Wheel Fun

Dirty Hands, Creative minds, lots of mess and huge amounts of Patience required!


Learning the concept of assemblage. Items used include buttons, pompoms, Popsicle sticks, cardboard, pipe cleaners, etc