What are you thankful for?

In light of everything that is transpiring around the world and even locally, with Hurricane Matthew..I think we ought to realize how very lucky we are! 5 things in no particular order: – my family; immediate and extended. – clean drinking water – adequate food – good health – my faith and belief in God….

5 Ways to Step Out of your “Mommy Comfort Zone”

Maybe it’s the messy buns, the yoga pants, the flip flops or flats, the basic tee or the lack of sleep but for some reason…moms have this invisible bubble surrounding themselves; this routine that they have become so comfortable with that they fear doing something out of the norm will ruin their day, lives, whatever…

5 Tips| Be Beautiful

Today, no matter where you are and regardless of what life is throwing your way… I hope that you will allow yourself the chance to be your most beautiful person inside and it will undoubtedly reflect on the outside. How? 1)Find that inner strength and the confidence that resonates deep within yourself. Know that you…

Whatever you do, find passion and whatever dreams you envision, believe in them.