5 Ingredient Mediterranean Chicken Wraps

These wraps are a favorite in my household; especially for me because they come together SO easily! The chicken is marinated in 5 ingredients before being grilled: – the juice of 1 lemon – seven spice (found in the Mediterranean super markets or international aisles in the local grocery stores) – onion salt – black…

Funky Pancakes| Natural Food Coloring

Some days, we serve up toast and eggs for a simple breakfast or even cereal when this mama isn’t quite awake and other days I pretend to be artsy and creative and make pancakes into special designs. To add color I added natural food coloring which I purchased from Whole Foods. It is concocted from…

Butter Chicken

creamy, buttery, spicy goodness- eaten with rice or traditional Naan bread.

The Bake Sale

“Mama, please? Can I do it?” she pleaded for what seemed like the hundredth time. I heard her but I ashamedly admit that I wasn’t really listening and she begrudgingly walked away, disappointed. Immediately, I was filled with remorse and regret; I chucked the disheveled kitchen towel on the counter, angry at the inanimate object…

Potato Balls

These are a common “street food” item in the Caribbean where there is a heavy Indian influence. It’s seasoned mashed potatoes, battered and deep fried. Traditionally they are eaten with a spicy mango or tamarind sauce but my kids and husband eat it with ketchup.

Sushi Lovers

My husband and I are sushi lovers.. So…I decided to try to make it. This is my first attempt.