The Nose Frida


How I survived 3 children without this is beyond my comprehension but now that I have it, just call me your professional snot sucker, booger catcher/fairy-helping-my–baby-breathe-easy-with-my-nose-Frida-wand-like-snot-sucking-abilities. Whew!

By now if you don’t quite understand how much I dearly recommend this product, let me break it down; starting and ending with the pros 😉

  • It is extremely efficient for removing snot from your little ones nose. We used this on our 5 week old baby when she fell ill and we were extremely worried that her tiny nose would be too stuffed and would prevent her from breathing well, then she started snoring due to it and i was worried sick. I ran to my nearest drug store, found this gem and life has been better since! She’s 17 months now and i still use it and love it, and good news: she still doesn’t overly mind it.
  • The tip fits easily into baby’s nostril. With the bulb syringe; I felt like I was always forcing a foreign object up my baby’s nostril- causing it to unnecessarily flair and sprawl. In return, they were very uncomfortable and cried too much.
  • Easy to clean- just run under warm water but all pieces come apart and are dishwasher safe.
  • Extremely hygienic. While I deem myself the snot sucker fairy to my little girl; rest assured the filter prevents any transfer from baby’s nostril to your mouth. You are told to dispose of the filters after every use but I have rinsed them gently and re-used a few times before tossing (they are a sponge like material).
  • The manufacturers believe SO much in this product, and rightly so, they offer lifetime guarantee on all parts!

How to Use?

  • Drop a few drops of the saline solution (included in the box) into the baby’s nostril and wait a short while (10 seconds). This helps to loosen the mucus from around the nasal cavity.
  • Ensure that the filter is securely placed inside the apparatus
  • Place the tip of the nose Frida into the baby’s nostril ensuring that it forms a vacuum thus allowing elimination of mostly all of the snot.
  • Remove and wash.
  • Repeat as necessary to keep baby as comfortable as possible.

Initially of course the baby was slightly bothered by having a foreign object stuck into her nose but once she realized just how good it was helping her feel she had no issue with it thereafter.

As was noted, there are no cons to using this product. We have found it to be extremely safe, efficient and hygienic and highly recommend it.

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