Dinosaur Excavation Bin

This Dinosaur Excavation Bin is an activity that my 4 year old loves and it keeps him occupied and busy for quite a while.

How To:
1) Start off by getting a large plastic tub
2) Add kinetic sand to it- we use this because of the texture and ease of cleaning but you can use play sand if you desire as well.
3) Get lots of small dinosaurs and mix it between the sand– I also add broken car wheels and other odds and ends inside the mix.
4) Get your child, their own set of digging tools

And Just WATCH them have fun!

To add a little more excitement, I provide a stamp pad and paper so that imprints of the dinosaurs found can be made!

I also provide a cup or water, a brush and napkins so items found can be brushed, washed and cleaned.

Playdoh or modeling clay can also be given so that after the item is cleaned a mold can be made of it.

And FINALLY, one of the coolest “extras” is putting on the following Dinosaur playlist!


**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.**

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