When Kids No Longer Nap

This is a question I get asked a lot and over the spring break, I got a few messages from people specifically asking…DO YOUR KIDS NAP AND IF THEY DON’T WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM?Yes, all caps because these messages were coming from exasperated parents. I’m lucky  because yes, if time permits my kids DO nap/rest but even when they don’t that designated time is still “quiet time”. So I decided to create a blog post to answer the buzzing question of “WHAT do I do when my kids no longer nap?”

If you are like me, then you still need down time/quiet time/”me” time amidst the business of life.

I have 4 different categories of things they can choose from for quiet time:
1) Educational
2) Books/Reading
3) Puzzles
4) One Player Games

  1. Educational
    This can comprise of workbooks, flashcards, drawing, coloring, simple crafts, science kits for example Snap Circuits, Ozobot, etc for older kids while for the younger ones I have things such as sorting, stringing beads and other fine/gross motor activities for them to engage in.
    This category often ends up being pretend play where they pretend to have school. Its fun to listen to them as “school” was one of my favorite things to play when i was a child.
  2. Books/Reading
    They can choose any book from the bookshelf or their library bag to read or they can work through an activity book. Recently they have been loving the MISHMANIA activity books which are a series of high end and very well designed books kids featuring fantastic illustrations, paper cut out activities, games and other activities to both entertain and inspire little minds.  In one of the books within the seriesCool as a Cucumber”, kids will enjoy having a bunch of different and fun activities to do based on the theme of food, such as coloring, completing mazes, spotting the differences, adding words and pictures to comic strips, decoding messages, assembling a flip book, and much more!
  3. Puzzles
    They can choose a jigsaw puzzle to work on quietly or with a sibling. 
  4. One Player Games
    These are games that can be played alone and mostly comprise of logic games but also include Legos, Magnatiles, Lincoln Logs, etc.How about you? What are some purposeful activities that keep your children busy?**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.**

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