Benefits of Having Pets |

Whether its watching your dog wag his tail at the mere sight of you, cuddling your cat or watching with delight as your fishes swim gracefully to the surface when they are fed; research has shown that having pets allude to greater self esteem in children and foster a more peaceful home.

3 Top Benefits of Having Pets:

1) They teach children values and empathy– Learning how to shower love on a non verbal animal while figuring out their cues is something every child should definitely learn. As adults take on the bigger tasks, children can also be tasked with the responsibility of feeding their pets. They can even help select treats and other accessories, which is made easy by using the website, They have some of the most unique items for your pets, for comparable prices and great shipping rates! Helping your child choose items for their pet also instills in them kindness and the desire to shop for others.

2) They help with learning– Most people are aware of therapy dogs which are used to assist children with developmental or learning problems. Similarly, many classrooms have a pet such as a hamster, fishes or a turtle to not only give children first hand insight into caring for a pet but they also utilize their reading time to sit next to the designated class pet and read for him/her. This has been proven to dramatically increase reading scores.

3) Pets encourage nurturing– This is a quality that is not simply manifested as an adult but rather a quality that has to be ingrained in a child through his childhood. Having pets is a sure way to help children become natural caregivers. Nurturing animals is said to be especially important for boys who do not necessarily nurture dolls the same way little girls do.

Spending time together with your family and pet give meaning to the seemingly mundane chores of fish feeding and dog walking. Instead those moments are filled with delight and purpose and force us to slow down our busy, hectic lives for the moments that truly matter.

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.**

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