Graze Snack Box Review

Graze is a subscription snack service which delivers the items directly to your mailbox.. For $6.99, Graze will deliver a box of four single-serving snacks; OR you can get eight snacks for $11.99. You get the option of choosing the frequency that works best for you: once a week, once every two weeks, or once every four weeks.

Graze prides itself on offering a wide variety with close to 100 snack options while providing value to your diet whether its a low calorie, low sodium, high protein, vegan, soy-free etc.

What I enjoy the most about Graze, is that the snacks they provide are:
– Pre-packaged and convenient;
– Healthy
– Made with ingredients or items I wouldn’t normally pair

Graze might be an option for you to consider if:

  • you enjoy trying new snacks, even those made with ingredients you’ve never heard of;
  • you enjoy the convenience of pre-portioned snacks;
  • you would like to gift someone a food item;
  • you’re trying to snack healthier
  • you don’t mind spending a little more on quality food

If you choose to forego the single served packaged snacks, you can buy them in a bigger bag to share with your family and friends. Also, if there is a particular ingredient that you enjoy from a specific snack, you have the option of purchasing it in bulk as well. These services are not by subscription, allowing you to purchase them as the need arises.

The website is also designed to help you better choose by breaking it down, not only in categories but also by Occasion, for example, while an afternoon snack might be an “anytime energizer”, a sweet treat might be “chocolate pecan pie”. The BEST part is…HEALTHY actually tastes GOOD!

Other subscription services that you may enjoy are – Windows Desktop as a Service and SharePoint as a Service.

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own. **

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