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  1. Sarah Hayes says:

    thank you for sharing this truth! its easy to get lost in the ups and downs of each day esp when God has us in a period of waiting. thankfully his plan is better than anything we could ever imagine!!!

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    1. You echo my thoughts exactly Sarah!


  2. This was my favorite blogs as of yet of yours. Currently, I am respecting the season I am in as a mother and at the beginnings in cultivating my crafts. I rushed it before feeling like I was missing out or not doing enough. Raising and caring for a family is more than enough. I am trusting in God’s timing and direction.

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    1. raising and caring for a family especially when the kids are young take priority(in my life); however I still feel like we can nurture our own strengths, while trusting in God’s timing(while putting in due diligence as well).xo

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