Bibs for Kids | PLEASE SUPPORT

I don’t get on here often and ask my readers to support much of anything but if you will PLEASE visit Bibs for Kids and support one of the causes!

Working with the owner Lauren has been an absolute pleasure; her messages oozed with her enthusiasm and determination to raise awareness and break the stigma and paranoia surrounding premature births, childhood hunger, autism, etc. Out of that passion and her own personal encounter with premature birth, her movement Bibs for Kids was founded.

When asked why she began this journey she explains:

“I started Bibs For Kids with the vision of creating relationships and helping to support moms who experience premature birth. I recently gave birth to my son, Chase, who was premature and after my experience, a passion sparked inside of me to reach out to other moms to provide encouragement and comfort. After connecting with other mothers, I realized that prematurity was only one of the hurdles that many children take on. This inspired me to start reaching to moms in other arenas who face these adversities. The current causes that I focus on are Prematurity, Childhood Cancer, Pediatric Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Childhood Hunger, and Pediatric HIV. Each of my bibs represent one of these causes. For each bib, we donate 10% of gross sales to the corresponding charity.”

Together with Lauren, we can all collaborate to spread the word to support these causes and to help every child to have a fighting chance!


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