Mommy and Me | Shopping

Shopping for our children seem to preoccupy many of the night time hours after we tuck them in, and it brings us excitement and a sense of accomplishment because we believe we are what our children look like. Just the other day as I perused the drop down menus of a popular online baby store:,  I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought that one day my babies will be grown and I would no longer need said store, except for the occasional gift perhaps. I already find myself needing them less due to the accumulation of baby and other children items, the result of having 4 kids….but even when I don’t need anything I stop by to browse, because, they have some of the best prices around, offer free shipping over $49, free returns and have 24/7 customer service. In addition to that they have every baby item imaginable and you never know which nifty new gadget you might need, or which outfit is too adorable to pass up…right?!

Well recently I was browsing for quite a while when I suddenly realized what the time was; I was about to head off and get some work done but almost as if they wanted to give me a reason to be there, I noticed a NEW section designed just for moms. What a treat! It is filled with tons of cute items which gives moms the opportunity of getting baby and kid shopping done while treating themselves as well.

Sure there are just as many department stores online for moms and there are for babies but the truth is that we live vicariously through the fashion sense our children project. We pride ourselves on ensuring our children are well matched and the best dressed while having ALL the things they want and need. In the process, we push ourselves to the back burner often forgetting our own needs and wants. This is why I was extremely happy to find that this website I normally seek out for kids purchases, was dedicating a portion of their site for mothers as well. It’s a nudge in the right direction that says, self care is needed and well deserved.

Please head on over and check out the great deals they offer, and while you’re there- get yourself something!

Happy Shopping!!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.*

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