5 Tips to Improve Fluency

  1. Pay attention to ACCURACY
    – Don’t eliminate prefixes/suffixes
    – Don’t skim over words or eliminate any
    – Don’t add random words where you think they belong because this can change the entire sentence.
  2. Read with Appropriate EXPRESSION
    – Ensure that your reading isn’t robotic and you are reading sentences, not words
  3. Pay attention to PUNCTUATION marks
    – Look for commas and periods
    – Identify any bold or larger text
  4. Read at a NATURAL PACE
    – Do not speed through but try to read as though you are having a conversation.
  5. COMPREHEND what you are reading
    – If you don’t understand, go back a few sentences and re-read
    – Ensure you are understanding what you read
    – Read with the intent to understand the story and learn from it.

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  1. Topfivemum says:

    I’ve started asking my toddler basic questions after we’ve read a few of her favourite books to test her comprehension and memory. it’s amazing how much toddlers of even age 2 can remember if you try it. She’s still not quite patient enough that for me to read eveeething to her as it appears in the book though. I guess that will come with time.

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    1. yes, it will eventually come but its so important for us to ensure they are focusing and comprehending the story- even at a young age. good job mama. xx


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