The Fairy Bag

One of the things I love the most about my daughter’s bedroom is the nostalgia that erupts when I open her drawers. One is filled with stickers, notebooks, markers and glitter and another lip gloss, nail polish, fragrances and more while her dresser is home to many jewelry boxes and bracelet racks. It takes me back to this place in my childhood when I would arrange and re-arrange my drawers and somehow, placing items in a different spot alluded to a newness and made the item special all over again.

Let’s just say….. I had as much fun unboxing this product as she did. 🙂

The Fairy Bag, is a subscription service for girls and for just $9.99, you get a monthly box of goodies coming straight to your door. I was pleasantly surprised when our Fairy Bags arrived and my very excited little girl squealed and giggled throughout the entire unboxing. Her most popular question was, “how did you know I wanted this mama??” Needless to say it was definitely a big hit…BUT WAIT!!!! There’s more! One of my favorite things about this subscription is that a portion of every sale goes towards a charity of your choice at checkout!!

These boxes are a great idea for the holidays, for chores, for a good report card, birthday present and just about anytime you want a little girl to feel special.

I have to admit, we even kept the packaging because they were SO CUTE. The top of the box carried the company’s logo- a pretty fairy with the words ” The Fairy Bag” eloquently lettered across; meanwhile, the side of the box has inspirational messages to boost any girl’s self esteem. The items were hidden beneath bright multi-colored stuffing inside the box which my daughter insisted we keep for a craft idea.

We received 2 boxes and I will detail what each comprised of:
Box 1:
1 blue fuzzy keychain
1 small pink purse
1 gold heart necklace
1 lipgloss
1 bracelet- set of pink pearls tied together with a ribbon.

Box 2:
1 pink fuzzy keychain
1 small purple purse
1 lilac and rhinestone choker necklace
1 package of stick on nails for girls
1 bracelet- set of bronze pearls tied together with a ribbon.

Please click here for a short and sweet video!



*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.*


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