Compassion through a 7 year old lens…

Each of my children have brought with them something unique and each of them give me something to be thankful for each and every day. If there ever was an award for most compassionate, it would go to the 7 year old, who makes me lucky enough to have him call me mom.

It was a regular Saturday morning breakfast, always enjoyable in our home because it means my husband is home and in no rush to get out the door and leave for work. That means, we sit around the table a little longer and dwell over our breakfast as our table lights up with cheerful banter and giggles, reflections and silliness. It is a time we all look forward to but this Saturday unbeknownst to me, my 7 year old had lessons to share…

As we planned our day, it dawned on us that our local Muslim community had a distribution day set aside for handing out food to the needy and my husband and I thought it was a good idea to assist. I heartily encouraged it and my eldest doted on how nice it was to help those less fortunate as it makes God happy with us. He further started explaining that helping out cleanses our hearts and prevents it from turning dark and hardened. In that moment I could not have been prouder. His explanation to his younger siblings was beautiful as he explained that we should love everyone and want for them all what we want for ourselves and treat everyone with kindness as that would bring us the most reward and blessings. He further told them that when God is happy with us, he listens to our prayers and answers them.

Sure enough he set out with his dad and even encouraged his younger sister to attend this service based outing. They returned home exceptionally proud of themselves as they shared with us the little ways they were able to help and the joy it brought them.

I am particularly happy that they get to experience the blessing of helping the less fortunate as the opportunity to do so myself remains one of my favorite childhood memories of growing up in a third world country.

May God grant our kids the ability to seek out kindness in the world. May he give them eyes to always look for the best and a heart that finds compassion to do good always.

*Originally written in March, 2016

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