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When this company reached out to me with the opportunity to use their service free for a year, I wasn’t too compelled because i’m THAT mom who limits screen time and doesn’t like putting too many apps on my phone. Let’s just say i can count all my apps on 1 hand and in today’s app-frenzied world…that is quite minimal.
Anyway, after chatting back and forth with the very helpful company rep, I went ahead and downloaded it. It was an immediate hit and here’s why:

– it is LOADED. the first thing i said was, “they took all the good apps and made it into one” because thats what it feels like. Everything you can imagine is on there from ABC’s to nursery rhymes, numbers, shapes, colors, occupations, months of the year, vehicles, seasons, etc
– Each category then comes loaded with a plethora of games, songs and interactive activities for kids. Your kids will not get bored or tired of this app!
– It has very catchy musicals which entice kids into staying and learning.
– It is BRIGHT, COLORFUL and evokes the feeling of adventure
– Offers praise for a good job and encouragement when needed.
– There isn’t any part of this app that isn’t constructively teaching something to the child.
– All of the segments can be downloaded and used even without the internet. This is a major plus for those times when travelling and such, that internet connection is restricted.

Recently they added a new feature where they have tons of pages for you to select from and customize a printable book your child will like.

If you would like to download this app, kindly click here!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.*

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