5 Steps to Productivity

1) Pray/Meditate : This is perhaps one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It allows us to examine all of the intrinsic details that make us “whole”. It allows us to tap into out intuition, hear the words our heart is speaking boldly and clearly and above all, it gives us a chance to truly connect the processes of our brain with the emotions of our heart and ultimately gives our bodies the will to follow the languages of the brain and heart.

2) Establish a routine : This creates consistency which is key to success in anything we do. The best analogy i can think of is this: if you are taking medicine but not consistently, your ailments would not be relieved. Similarly, if you are doing something right, but not on a consistent basis, results would be harder to notice.

3) Get organized : Organization creates efficiency which reduces stress which in turns leads to success being much more easily attainable. That’s just a simple equation.

4) Set deadlines : This enforces breaking tasks into manageable chunks to achieve optimum results. If you’re working without a deadline in mind, then you are simply spinning wheels and wasting time. Deadlines force us, if you will, to complete and assess things and move on to the next best thing that will lead us to productivity.

5) Stay motivated : Easier said than done, but whatever you are doing- remember why you started! Even those days when you’re mired in self doubt and unsure, remember why you’re doing what you do. Everything you are doing was exclusively planned for you, with all of your special gifts in mind.

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