Cleaning Tips

I get the question often, “How do you keep your house clean?” So much so that i decided to make a blog post to answer the question:

1) Get the kids involved- Many of the messes made actually stem from them making it. Once they have an idea of the amount of work that goes into cleaning, they will gain a better attitude towards keeping their stuff organized. I should also elaborate:
– everything has to have a home- this way they know where to return items to, which shelf it belongs on, or which toy box it sits in. It makes cleanup SO much easier. It also helps to keep their toys/game intact because visually we are so accustomed to seeing something in a specific place that when the toddler decides to pull it out and put it in a different spot, we can miss it easily, find it and ensure that parts don’t go missing or items damaged.

When they help, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are proud of what they have done. Most days while I can do things faster I include the kids so that they can learn and have cleanliness be an instinctive part of their character.

2) Pick up and Clean Everyday!- Dust accumulates and turns into full fledged bunnies wreaking havoc in our nasal passageways when we leave it too long! Clean a little everyday and you will find that no matter when someone calls you and randomly says they are coming over…the house will be pretty clean!

3) During Naptime- I know some moms are against cleaning at naptime because they believe the kids will wake up and mess it up all over again. They wouldn’t play in the big pile of mess they cant make sense of….they will find something new to empty. Try to utilize 10 mins or so while the kids nap and clean.

If you have other great tips, feel free to add them in the comment section below!


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