3 year old Conversations

Three year old’s are so much fun! I feel like that is the age where their personalities are truly coming forth and my 3 year old has this new, emerging sense of self, an endearing attachment to his baby sister, love of rainbows, lots of funnies, grammatically incorrect sentences and a few mixed up pronouns. Although sometimes he makes me wish i can #filter him, some of the things he says are pretty cute and these are some of the conversations from this past week that i don’t want to forget…there are some, that I wish never happened…but those would just be kept away from the masses.ha ha

Me: come here baby
Him: I’m not a baby
Me: Yes, you are my baby
Him: I’m a big boy ok? say that, say come here my big boy
Him: ok, if you want to pretend that i’m a baby, you can. everybody can pretend sometimes, even moms

He hugged his 10 month old sister and she bit him. He cried and she started crying too.
He got up, looked at her and said “What you crying for you silly girl? You bit me!”

me: searching all over for my phone
him: (casually) i know where it is..in my train trunk
me: why did you put it there?
him: i need a radio for this train. it not have any (typical 3 year old language). i can play something from your phone and pretend its my radio.
me: well i need to use my phone, please bring it
him: ok, and i need to trade in this train and get a better one.

We went to a play date and he took 2 cars to share. When we got there, he didn’t want to actually share them. The little boy came over and started playing with his sister and he tossed him his cars and said, “you can play with both of these, I can play with my sister” The boy didn’t budge and he asked “can you even hear me or something?” I told him that wasn’t very polite and he said “ok then, you can watch her but don’t touch her and play with her. My mommy grew her just for me to play with.

me: draw a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow
him: what?
me: draw a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow
him: there’s no pot of gold in the sky, that’s the sun.what are you even talking about?


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  1. Jayme says:

    I love those kinds of conversations with my kids. So fun reading some of yours, thank you sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know you have a lot of these too- do share as well! 😘


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