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I tried to sneak away, enjoy my morning cup of warmth, my daily fuel and write a little perhaps but it wasn’t long before the warm, rich, decadent scent of “almond cookie cappuccino” filled the air. “mmm, something smells good” a little voice chirped and the thump of the footsteps raced down the stairs. The thoughts vacillated in my mind…should I savor it and hope no one finds me? Or should I gulp it down before they do? I decided I needed to entice my taste buds and so I sipped it but the scent that lingered permeated the entire kitchen and led the first of my brood directly to my cup of coffee.
“Can I try it? Please? Please? That smells so good” I just couldn’t say no when the scent was so bold and seemingly stood there teasing my boy so I offered him a few sips. He asked for more and I had to decline but luckily, Smart Sips Coffee who was generous enough to partner with me to bring you this post were thoughtful enough to include in their sampler some hot chocolate packets for the kids as well. As you can imagine, there simply could not be a better way to enjoy the beautiful fall morning that has finally descended here in the South, after what seemed like a brutal summer. The perfect combinations of tastes and the scents emanating thereof, some books and a blanket equals bliss. I might as well enjoy the time as I look down and see little feet sticking out the blanket and I realize that time is flying by and these precious days will soon be gone. Thanks Smart Sips for giving me a perfect moment to reclaim this time over something delicious.
If you are a coffee lover and need something warm to liven and warm your soul as you begin your day, rejuvenate your mid-afternoon work day or provide comfort as you end your day then I highly recommend Smart Sips coffees, cappuccinos and hot chocolate. They are extremely unique, flavorful and aromatic!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.*

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  1. Love this!! I will have to try it!!

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