Sleep Tight | Sweet Dreams

Some of the best trips they say are random and unplanned and so when we decided to venture out to the lake on a boat trip with the kids; I was aware that although they were missing their nap time, they would have fun! And that they did! On the way back I tried ardently to ensure they stayed awake hoping they would have an earlier bedtime which would give us at least an extra hour of down-time as our day was spontaneously altered and some of our plans got pushed back.
As valiantly as I tried to keep my 3 year old awake, his precious eyes could no longer stay open and just as we were about to park, he began to doze. That lasted all of 2 minutes because he noticed a package in front of the door and he excitedly asked, “is that my race car blanket?” My boy is a lover of all things car related and after speaking to the amazing ladies at Nap Bags by OC Daisy who allowed me to review this product, I told him if he was really good, he would get a special race car blanket.
They agreed to send it promptly and were kind enough to personalize the bag with his name. Let me tell you, all of my kids were fighting over it regardless of whose name was there….and understandably so. It is made with the most luxurious, soft to the touch material possible! It is carefully created to resemble a sleeping bag, complete with built in pillow without the hassle of a zip. The added excitement of the neat pocket insert on the bag kept him awake for an extra hour while he carefully arranged his cars that would sleep there with him and when the time came for him to go to bed, he refused to sleep anywhere BUT in his new favorite item, his Nap Bag. He has since suggested placing it on top of his actual bed to sleep on and many sweet dreams have been dreamt on them, along with some drool. No worries though, because everything is completely washable which makes for easy cleaning. Another additional convenience is that after use, everything including the pillow folds right up and rolls into the bag. It can be toted around the house easily or can be used for trips to Grandma’s house. I know my boy is already anticipating that!
I imagine as the temperatures finally start cooling down in Georgia, this will be a well-used and well-loved item!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are solely my own.*

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