Half-Empty?Absolutely not…

I lay there pretty exhausted after a long day of reading, math, religious studies, science, spelling, trampoline jumping and volleyball playing. I must have exclaimed at how tired I was and it only took a few seconds before I saw his little feet dart across the room, picking up the cover for his Lego table and dropping it on the carpet in front of me. I halfheartedly sighed but mostly inward to avoid hurting his feelings as I imagined his next request would be, “can you play Legos with me?” but instead he came back with a cup of water- almost half empty, but to me, overflowing… “here mama, I bring you some water, then you not be tired and i put it here so it not fall” Thoughtful is a mild word. We snuggled and read books for a while and all was better in the world again.

Sometimes all I need to fill up my inward half empty cup are tender reminders of love from a 3 year old.

image (2)

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  1. Hi , I nominated u for the Versatile Blogger Award. To accept plz follow the link 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! xx


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