France, you’re on my mind…

I try to doze
But in my mind like a stillframe, the images froze
My eyes weep
Through closed eyelids
The tears seep
Moistening my pillow case
These evils perpetrated have nothing to do with race

These are acts against humanity
Sheer insanity 
Intolerance at its best
Deviance without contest
Compassion void and put to rest

When will it end? 
When will all the mercies that God sends
Be manifested through our actions
We need to stop merely having dramatic reactions 
but rather try to change perceptions

I refuse to believe that humanity is lost
Kindness is tossed
Morality frozen over with frost 
I’ll continue to pray for the state of the world
Let’s take a firm stance
Even if it seems like a whim or an improbable chance

It starts with us
Displaying kindness and love to all
Standing tall
Not being afraid to fall
Being unfazed by the imaginary wall

It shall soon be a new day 
I’ll continue to pray 
France you will continue to weigh heavily on my heart
It feels wounded as though struck by a dart 
Love for all is an art
Kindness, compassion and tolerance its counterparts

-Naimah R

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  1. Sahar Sultan says:

    I too, refuse to believe humanity is lost. Beautiful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Sahar, this comment is only now showing up….but as the months have passed, with more and more tragedies, we have to keep on believing in the goodness of humanity- even when that is a daunting task.


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