While Mommy makes dinner…

Sometimes they just run around the house, playing tag and soccer and sometimes, i need some quiet while I complete the things I need to do…I’m sharing a few things that keep my kids quiet while I make dinner. They normally sit around the counter or breakfast table so they are close by and we are interacting with each other still.

Letter Tiles

We played this much like Scrabble but without opponents and a board. Grabbing 7 letter tiles each round, they made words using the specific letters they had. Towards the end, I added an additional letter tile in to help facilitate building bigger words.


Play Doh

My youngest loves making shapes with playdoh. He cuts them and rolls them and makes everything possible using all the cookie cutters we have available.


Math Practice

I picked up this Disney math book from the dollar store and we have been spending a lot of time practicing kindergarten math with it. It was definitely worth the dollar spent!


Another fun way that we practice math is by the Math Dice, which you can check out here.

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