Working out post baby


Post baby, I am always committed to getting back into shape and the two ways i’m doing that is by working out (at home and gym) and swimming along with of course, a healthy diet. I know there’s a barrage of articles pertaining to loving your post partum body and while I think we should love any new found stretch marks, I don’t believe we should forget who we are, masked underneath the excess baby weight. Surely that was necessary in order to bring forth these precious babies but they aren’t essential for our survival. Actually we would live much healthier, productive lives if we stayed active…. But it’s not always easy… Trying to find the time can be exhausting without even doing anything.

2 things that I have learnt along the path of healthier living is:
– DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP: Some days we try to be overly ambitious and try to get a 5 mile run in but hey, if 1 mile is all you can schedule in, then still do it. For those days when 1mile is too much, do spurts of activity during the day, jumping jacks, sit ups and burpees can easily be done in the living room without ever needing to leave the house.

– WORK OUT EARLY IN THE DAY! I personally have to commit to this or the day escapes me and I get too tired to work out. Also, working out early in the day has a psychological effect which helps me to eat healthier and ultimately live a healthier, well balanced life.


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