Week in Review| Arts and Crafts

I thought it would be fun to share what a week’s worth of art and crafts look like in our house. There were definitely some that I missed capturing but for the most part, here were the most indulged activities this past week.


An all time favorite: Lincoln Logs


Cusinaire wooden blocks. We have been incorporating these alot in our home, to learn perimeter, area and especially with my 3 year old for pattern matching. He loves to build with them as well.



A little bit of wood work. These craft sticks are from the dollar store and they are basically popsicle sticks with little grooves that fit into each other for easy building. The kids then used stickers to decorate their little house. It was a neat little project for them.


This was simple and fun, something creative to make with these fuzzy sticks.


Currently one of our favorite art books. I love to dabble in crafts but drawing is not my forte. I need these steps to end up with a decent picture of any kind.



Pattern block fun:

dodecagon- 12 sided figure

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