Top Picks | 8 Year Old activities

Now that summer is here, the question persists…what do we do with our children?? Below are a few activities my 8 year old enjoys!

1) Snap Circuits

Directions are clear and concise and allow children learn the basics of electricity. It’s very engaging as they learn to make circuits that are activated in water, activated with sound, etc and then in the later projects, they get to combine one or more of the earlier ones to make, for example, a noise activated sound and light siren.

2) Origami

This honestly started out being a challenge but has gotten easier as we have progressed and learnt the folds and learnt how to read the diagrams provided.
origami origami2

3) Ozobot

Teaches the logic of computer programming through game based activities, allowing children to see firsthand how certain codes affect the robot. Its simple and intuitive but yet challenging.
Capture4 Capture5.PNG

4) Junior Rubiks Cube

Introduces children to problem solving and certainly cranks it up a notch. It looks simple but that thought is deceiving!


5) Rush Hour- Traffic Jam Logic Game

You have to battle the gridlock of cars in order to allow your car a path to exit. This does take brain power and patience.


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  1. saucerbug1 says:

    I don’t have old enough children yet for the above suggestions (9months and 21 months) however I would have loved many of these at age 8… and still would to be truthful! 🙂 x

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I truly enjoy all of these myself!


  2. My daughter is a little young still but these are great activities to keep them entertained but also work their minds! Thank you for sharing on #dreateam Hope to see you next time x

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    1. Yep, I try to find things that will keep them meaningfully occupied. Excited for next time already!

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