Be Still My Heart | Less Haste

The baby is finally asleep in her swing and as usual, I am fitting in alone time with my other kids… my 3 year old runs away  and races up the stairs, telling me “I be right back”… in about 10 seconds I hear running coming from my room, where the baby is sleeping. I get up, aggravated at the prospect of him waking her up purposely and walk up the stairs; all the while containing the urge to just yell at him to get out of the room. Knowing that too will probably wake her, I walk silently up and find him sitting there, a few random toys placed on top of her blanket.
Using my index finger, I beckon to him to come and in whispers he asks, “is that so kind mommy?” “you like it?” How could I not? I was so happy I contained myself in what could have been a senseless moment of haste, a moment that broke the spirit of my little boy just trying to be kind.
As we walked back down the stairs, he said, “I just wanted to leave her some toys so when she wakes up she’ll have something to play with.” That’s so thoughtful I tell him, as I thanked him for thinking of her even as we were having fun downstairs.

Moral: Be less hasty in your speech, until you know everything surrounding a scenario.


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  1. Lucy says:

    This was a lovely moment, recounted with such tenderness too. I know that struggle of wanting to have fun with the older kids while desperately hoping they don’t wake the baby!

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    1. Thanks Lucy, its definitely a struggle to find that balance– trying to ensure everyone gets the time and attention they need, all while being quiet!


  2. Ahh a lovely moment! Sometimes we have to take a moment and step back #FridayFrolics

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    1. absolutely. its a simple reminder to be less hasty in our speech and less judgmental all around. thanks for stopping by! #FridayFrolics


  3. Silly Mummy says:

    Lovely! I’ve had moments like that too, where my initial assumption has been that the kids are causing trouble but they’re actually being very thoughtful.

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics.

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    1. Yes, sometimes they surprise us in a good way!thanks for stopping by!!


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