Getting children excited for Ramadan.

This is an exciting time for all Muslims, but especially for children for it is that time when families gather more than normal and the masjids stay alit beckoning worshippers to renew their Iman. It is a time when, in our community, there are gatherings every day for Iftar but on the weekends, the crowd is multiplied in astounding numbers. The beautiful words of the Quran can be heard resonating from the speakers, their tones and melody touching our hearts and evoking tears. It is perhaps the only time we long to stand together for extended periods in worship…. But a question that remains most prevalent to mothers like myself, with young children is…how do we make it fun for our children? What can we incorporate into our day to impact these young minds and souls and to foster a deep relationship with our most beloved visitor, the beautiful month of Ramadan? 

Many of the things I have listed below are things I remember from my own childhood so I can safely say they are tried, true and tested!

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