This Japanese art has become the new favorite activity in our home. It was born out of our love of Japanese food. One of the restaurants we like has little origami stars decorating the bottom of vases. One night while we waited for our dinner to arrive, we chatted about what origami was and then pulled up designs on our phone to show the kids. Of course, the next time we went to Barnes and Nobles, they conveniently had origami books placed in the cart outside their door on “special clearance”. They fell in love and wanted it but like I almost always do, I looked up the review and most people agreed that those specific ones were better suited for older kids. However, Amazon, my guilty late night pleasure who stores my credit card and makes shopping too accessible, came to our rescue and I was able to find the set pictured. We REALLY enjoy it! the folds are easily explained, the papers are decorative and pliable and the stickers add the right amount of pizazz to the origami animal.

If you’re looking for origami for younger children, then I recommend this set!


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