…”thinking”, she said

Morning walk/ bike riding at the Savannah Rapids with the family.

This girl wanted to hang out here for most of the time, observing nature, the things floating in the water, people kayaking, dog playing fetch in the water, eating fruit and “thinking about things” she said.

Watching them alone, in their element is already so bittersweet for me because I know, just as the water ebbs and flows and eventually moves away… So too will their lives.
my hope for them is that they will go peacefully in the right direction always, but for now while I still can, I hope to enjoy these moments that matter!

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  1. voulaah says:

    great post
    Thanks for sharing
    happy to discover and follow your blog


    1. Thank you for reading and following 🙂

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      1. voulaah says:

        you’re welcome dear, hoping that you have pleasure to visit and follow my universe too

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